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Get a flood of profitable new sales leads with Google Ads

What would you like to sell more of?

Google Ads are one of the fastest and most effective ways to sell any product, service, or offer you can think of.
It doesn’t matter if it’s plumbing inspections or designer shoes, our Newcastle Google Ads Management service will help you sell as many as you can handle. We have already helped hundreds of clients across the Hunter Valley region, and we are ready to help you too! 

Proudly A Google Partner!

Becoming a Google Partner means that Hunter V Digital is recognised for maximising campaign success for our clients, driving client growth by maintaining clients’ campaigns and demonstrating Google Ads skills and expertise with certifications.

Sell to people who are ready to buy

Starting for as little as $20 a day in Google Ad spend, you can generate instant website clicks, phone calls, email signups or purchases. Most importantly, you’ll capture leads that might otherwise go to your competitors. Want to get selling? Talk with our Google Ads specialists today.

Step 1. Ad Targeting Strategy

We get to understand your ideal customer (demographics, locations, device types and more) and what it is they’re looking for online.

Step 2. Campaign Design

Using careful keyword research and professional direct response copywriting, we create a series of ads to target your most profitable source of leads.

Step 3. Bid Optimisation & Testing

We work to get the best value pricing Google Ads has to offer and continuously test different ad variations to deliver the highest results possible. We’ll drive sales up while bringing your lead-cost down.

Step 4. Track & Report

Our Google Ads Managers set up comprehensive tracking and detailed reporting from the start, so you’ll know exactly where your budget is going and what you’ve gotten from your advertising investment.

Step 5. Celebrate!

We love nothing more than having customers call to say, “STOP the ads! there’s TOO MANY sales!” That’s what we call the holy grail – we celebrate with you and then see what you’d like us to achieve next. (P.S. Not many customers tell us to stop the ads; they ask us how many more sales we can get for them.)

The instant way to Page #1

Don’t get us wrong; our SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) service is the most effective way to drive profitable, long-term sales results by getting to the top of Google. But that can take weeks or months.
With Google Ads, we can create a campaign offer, launch it and literally be on the top of Google’s 1st-page results in minutes from now.

Every type of ad, for every type of business

Our expert ad consultants can advise on what Google Ad styles can deliver the best results for your type of business or offer.

Right ad, right offer, right target.

Want to learn more about Google Ads?

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