Google Ads – Simplified

Google Ads – Simplified

Considering Google Ads but want it done by a local? Before we get carried away, lets learn a bit about Google Ads (PPC)

What are Google Ads? Simply. Google Ads are the top 4 and bottom for results on Google when searching for a service. Lets say I want a plumber in Newcastle. As we can see below –

These companies are paying “per click” to be featured on the top of Google. The cost for a click can range from .10 cents to $70-80 per click. What you pay for each click, depends on a range of factors, including how competitive the keyword is you are bidding on, what you are willing to pay for a click (set through budget) and your Google Quality Score (this is how relevant Google deems your website or landing page in relation to the keyword you are bidding on)

Google Ads is the fastest way to get to the top of Google. As opposed to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Google Ads is essentially instant, once we the campaign goes lives, you will start featuring on Google results for your keyword immediately.

Beyond just bidding on a keyword, we need to make sure the customer experience and journey is optimised to ensure we can covert. So we look at things like website layout, speed, and how leads are tracked.

Google Ads in a fanstastic platform for marketing, but needs to be managed correctly to ensure you are getting the best possible Return On Investment. Getting 1,000 clicks to your website might be amazing but if you spend $1000 and only make $500, whats the point!

That’s where Hunter V Digital come in. We are your Google Ads specialsits, and we can work with any budget. Now the more you put in, the more you get out, but if you would like to start with a smaller budget to get an understand of how it works, we are happy to help.

We offer month-to-month agreements as well, taking the risk out the new partnership.

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